Friday, March 16, 2007

Nandigram urbs parva aut pagus in regione Medinipur est. Administrator primus Bengalensis volebat in Nandigram multas officinas facere. Deinde populus qui in Nandigram vitam in pace vivebant, timuerunt. Illi agros ipsos perdere timuerunt. Agricolae, enim, obtestabantur et contra dicebant. Per tres menses acerbitas inter ordinem potestatis et agricolas maxima fuit. Heri quum custodes armati ordinis potestatis Bengalensis in Nandigram intrare volebant, agricolae agros et domos ipsos ex aggressoribus cum vitis servare suis tentabant. Sed, isti custodes sclopeta parabant et multos agricolas necaverunt. Non solum viri, sed etiam pueri parvi et mulieres periebant. Isti custodes corpora in flumine mittebant.

Nos omnes, non solum cives urbis Kolkatae, sed etiam nationis Indiae, istud scelus damnamus. Volumus fortiter pacem in Nandigram reditum.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

'Of course, you must know that every letter of yours will always give me pleasure, and you must be indulgent with the answer, which will perhaps often leave you empty-handed; for ultimately, and precisely in the deepest and most important matters, we are unspeakably alone; and many things must happen, many things must go right, a whole constellation of events must be fulfilled, for one human being to successfully advise or help another.'

[C]onfess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write...