Wednesday, June 28, 2006

like a says, and like her good friend antoine says, les grandes personnes ne comprennent jamais rien toutes seules, et c'est fatiguant, pour les enfants de toujours et toujours leur donner des explications...

with the crushing weight of two free hours on my hands, all determined to blog.


only, now that i am actually doing this, i realize i would much rather
#finish my present perusal of chatwin's what am i doing here,
#watch the birds,
#watch those episodes of yes prime minister i haven't watched yet,
#be wherever my good friend r is at the present moment dosing rahul bose with talk of caritas, humanitas, etc etc etc (the civilised call such encounters interviews),
#be watching the fun where my good friend a is trying to sell the telegraph at asansol,
#be dancing on the plaster cast foot of my good friend a (not the good friend mentioned immediately above),
and so on and so forth.

anyhow, will just have to come back after wallowing in more self pity. alors, c'est fatiguant d'avoir toujours donner des explications.

Friday, June 09, 2006

as for why the greek, i'm sure i don't quite know. but it is the beginning, there's that.
because i have never blogged before, and had not the faintest idea about how it all worked. which is why there is a whole fortnight between the time i 'created' the blog and now, when i think i am ready to start feeding it. anyway, here goes.